Upgrade Your Beginner Drum Set: Discover Affordable and Effective Ways

Are there any cost-effective ways to upgrade my beginner drum set?

As a beginner drummer, you may have started off with a basic drum set that served its purpose in introducing you to the world of drumming. However, as you progress and gain more experience, you may find that your beginner drum set may not meet your evolving needs. Upgrading your drum set can significantly improve your sound quality and overall playing experience. The good news is that there are affordable and effective ways to upgrade your drum set without breaking the bank. In this article, we will provide you with recommendations for upgrading your drum set, allowing you to take your drumming to the next level.

Upgrade the Drum Heads

The drum heads are an integral part of your drum set and play a crucial role in determining the quality of sound you produce. Upgrading your drum heads can drastically improve the tone and projection of your drums. There are numerous brands and types of drum heads available, so it’s essential to choose ones that strike the right balance between quality and affordability.

Some recommended brands known for their high-quality and budget-friendly drum heads include Remo and Evans. These brands offer a wide range of options that cater to different musical styles and preferences. When installing and tuning your new drum heads, it’s crucial to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal performance. Experiment with different tensions and tuning techniques until you achieve the desired sound.

Add Cymbals

A well-rounded drum set should have a variety of cymbals to create different sounds and accents. Adding new cymbals to your drum set can enhance your playing experience and allow you to explore a wider range of musical styles. While cymbals can be expensive, there are affordable options that offer good value for the money.

Brands like Meinl, Sabian, and Zildjian offer budget-friendly cymbals that deliver impressive sound quality. When choosing cymbals, consider factors such as size, weight, and material to ensure they complement your existing drum set setup. Experiment with different cymbal combinations to find the sound that suits your musical preferences.

Improve the Hardware

The hardware of your drum set plays a significant role in stability and functionality. Upgrading your drum hardware can enhance the overall performance and durability of your drum set. While high-end hardware options can be costly, there are affordable alternatives that offer similar benefits.

Consider upgrading your bass drum pedal, snare drum stand, and cymbal stands with brands like Gibraltar or Pearl. These brands offer sturdy and reliable hardware solutions without breaking the bank. When installing and adjusting your new hardware, make sure to follow the instructions provided to ensure proper functionality and stability.

Enhance the Drum Throne

A comfortable and adjustable drum throne is essential for long practice sessions and performances. Upgrading your drum throne can improve your playing posture and prevent discomfort or pain. Luckily, there are affordable drum throne options available that offer good comfort and support.

Brands like Roc-N-Soc and PDP provide budget-friendly drum throne options with adjustable height and cushioning. When setting up your drum throne, adjust it to a height that allows your knees to be at a 90-degree angle and ensures your feet can comfortably reach the pedals. A proper playing posture will enhance your technique and overall playing experience.

Upgrade the Drumsticks

The drumsticks you use can have a significant impact on your technique and sound quality. Investing in high-quality drumsticks can improve your playing precision, durability, and overall performance. There are various drumstick brands that offer exceptional quality without breaking the bank.

Vic Firth, ProMark, and Zildjian are renowned brands known for their durable and versatile drumsticks. Consider factors such as weight, material, and tip shape when selecting drumsticks that suit your playing style and preferences. Trying out different drumsticks can help you find the perfect match for your drumming needs.


Upgrading your beginner drum set is an essential step in taking your drumming to the next level. By investing in affordable and effective upgrades, such as new drum heads, cymbals, hardware, drum throne, and drumsticks, you can significantly enhance the sound quality and performance of your drum set. Remember to experiment, find your unique sound, and enjoy the process of upgrading your drum set. So what are you waiting for? Start upgrading your drum set today and unlock a world of new possibilities in your drumming journey.

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