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  • 14 Inch 15 Note Steel Tongue Drum Percussion Instrument Lotus Hand Pan Drum with Drum Mallets Carry Bag,Beautifully Designed and Peaceful Sound (Green)


    【The Exquisite Product】Our steel tongue drum is designed with a lotus flower pattern. The surface color is baking painted with long lasting, environmental and odorless materials. By tapping it gently, you could easily create a beautiful and dreamlike sound which brings you relaxation and calmness.

    【Wider Range】With a diameter of 14 inches (about 35cm), this steel tongue drum has 15 natural scales (f # 3-F # 4) and can play more diverse styles of music. The sound is pure, and penetrating. No accompaniment is needed. You can tap it with drumsticks or using your fingers.

    【Wide Applications】Beautiful design, easy to learn and to carry enable its wide uses, such as in leisure, yoga meditation, music performance, prenatal education, home furnishings, religion ceremony, psychotherapy, music education and musicotherapy.

    【Packing Accessaries】steel tongue drum * 1 , drumstick * 2, Dedicated carrying bag*1 , Replace sticker * 2, drumstick bracket * 1, instruction book*1, Finger sleeves*4

    【After-sale Guarantee】30 days of exchange or return if you are not fully satisfied with our product.

  • affervid Steel Drum 6 Inch Percussion Tongue Drum 8 Notes Musical Instrument with Mallets for Meditation Yoga Children Education Buddhist Healing Tambourine Gifts for Concert


    Nice Design & Excellent Craft: The steel tongue drum is design by musical expert. The drum was hand-made by craftman. The body shape of drum is like UFO. The material of drum was made by special titanium alloy steel. The musical tongue was cutting by laser for accurate shape which ensured correct tones and nice pattern. The surface of drum is nice painted for long-time usage.

    Easy to Playing: Steel tongue drum is a fun musical instrument for children to start musical playing. It is easy to learn for musical beginner. This drum has 8 notes with stable tones. You can easily to play simple songs just follow the numbers. Our musical book gives you some songs for fast starting.

    Ethereal Sound & Graceful Tone: The sound of steel tongue drum is very clear and elegant. It can help you for meditation or Zen to feel inner peace. The sound can lead your soul to a calm world. The ethereal music give you beautiful feeling.

    Wide Application Scope: Steel tongue drum can be used in many occassion. It can relive stress, help for personal meditation, music for yoga practice, zazen, spiritual therapy, musical education, and performances. It is a special gift for children, family and musical lover.

    Good Size and Accessories: The size of drum is only 6-inch. It is easy to carry with most bags. We also supply a cloth bag for protection. The accessories include: 2 drumsticks, 1 musical book, 4 finger-sticks, and labels of tone numbers. There are 4 colors for your choice: blue, white, black, bronze.

  • Alesis Command Mesh Kit | Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Heads, Chrome Rack & Command Drum Module with 70 Kits, 600+ sounds 60 Play Along Tracks, Custom Sample Loading and USB/MIDI Connectivity


    Natural feel, premium response | 8 inch mesh kick drum tower with kick drum pedal (included), 10 inch dual zone mesh snare and three 8 inch dual zone mesh tom pads

    Express yourself | (3) 10 inch cymbals: Ride cymbal, Hi hat, crash w/choke

    In demand sound | command drum module with 70 kits, 60 play along tracks, 600+ sounds, custom sample loading via USB

    Connectivity covered | inbuilt sequencer to record your own playing, connect your MP3 player to the aux input for jamming to your favorite tracks or record / control midi using on board USB / midi inputs / outputs

    Everything you need | 4 post chrome rack, connection cables, drum sticks, drum key and power supply included

  • Alesis DM10 MKII Pro Kit – Ten-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Heads Review

    Alesis DM10 MKII Pro Kit – Ten-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Heads

    Tightly woven black mesh drum heads enhance feel and playing response

    6-piece pad set with 10/10/12/12” dual-zone toms, 12” dual-zone snare, and 8″ kick

    Four-piece cymbal set with a 12” hi-hat, two 14” crashes, and 16” triple-zone ride

    Heavy-duty four-post quick-lock chrome rack with integrated boom cymbal arms.Requirements:Mac: OS X 10.9 and above,PC: Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10

    Fully adjustable snare stand for optimal positioning

  • Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit Bundle – Complete Electric Drum Set With an Eight-Piece Mesh Electronic Drum Kit, Drum Throne, Headphones and Drum Sticks


    Feel the Difference a Mesh Electric Drum Set Makes – All-mesh drum heads deliver the most realistic, responsive and immersive electronic drum kit playing experience modern drummers demand

    Eight-Piece Configuration – 8″ dual-zone snare pad, (3) 8″ tom pads and (3) 10” cymbals: ride cymbal, hi-hat, crash w/choke; Kick drum, Kick Pedal & HiHat Pedal included

    In-Demand Sound – Nitro Drum Module with 40 ready-to-play classic and modern electronic drum kits & acoustic drum sets, 60 play-along tracks and 350+ expertly curated sounds

    Learn to play your drum set today – 60 built-in play-along tracks, sequencer, metronome, aux input and a performance recorder to hone and develop your drum skills; 60 free lessons from Melodics included

    Everything you need to complete your Electric Drum Set – Electronic Drum Kit Accessory Bundle including a collapsible throne, drum sticks, all cabling, power supply and on-ear headphones

  • Alesis Nitro Mesh Electronic Drum Kit + DJ Headphones + On Stage Drum Stick Holder DA100 + Braced Drum Throne + Maple Wood 5B Drumsticks – Photo4Less Clean Cloth- Top Accessory Bundle


    ELECTRONIC DRUM KIT: Powered by Mesh Technology All mesh drum heads deliver the most realistic, responsive and immersive playing experience modern drummers demand

    PREMIUM SEVEN PIECE DRUM SET: 8″ mesh snare drum and (3) 8″ mesh toms, (3) 10″ cymbals and custom designed Alesis hi hat pedal & kick pedal

    PACKED WITH SOUNDS: Nitro Drum Module with 10 ready to play classic and modern drum kits, 30 play along tracks and 100+ expertly curated sounds. POWERFUL EDUCATION FEATURES: 30 built in play along tracks, metronome, Aux input and drum coach help to hone and develop your drum skills

    EVERYTHING YOU NEED: Sturdy steel rack, connection cables, drum sticks, drum key and power supply included Configuration | 8″ dual-zone snare pad, (3) 8″ tom pads and (3) 10” cymbals: ride cymbal, hi-hat, crash w/choke All connection cables, mounting hardware, drum sticks, drum key, and power supply are included. Kit also includes Numark DJ Headphones, On-Stage Drum Stick Holder DA100, Braced Drum Throne, Maple Wood 5B Drumsticks, Photo4Less Clean Cloth

    SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE – Photo4Less is an Alesis authorized dealer. You’ll be happy to know that your purchase is fully warrantied by Alesis and with Photo4less’s Exceptional Customer Service.

  • Alesis Sample Pad 4 | Compact Percussion and Sample Triggering Instrument with 4 Velocity Sensitive Pads, 25 Drum Sounds and SD/SDHC Card Slot


    Expand Your Performance – Add any sound sample to your drum or percussion setup via standard SD card

    In-Demand Sound – Built-in library of the 25 most-commonly requested percussion and electronic drum sounds mapped across 8 ready-to-play kits

    Designed for Maximum Creative Expression – Four velocity-sensitive pads and a dual trigger input for expanded performance potential

    Shape your Sound – Tune and add reverb to your sounds, then assign them to any of the four pads or the kick input

    The Centrepiece of Your Performance – MIDI output for use as a controller for triggering sound modules and software

  • Alesis Strike Kit | Eight-Piece Professional Electronic Drum Kit with Adjustable Mesh Heads, 110 kits and over 1600 multi-sampled instruments


    Ultimate Response, No Limitations – Professional eight-piece electronic drum kit with Large Dual-hop pads, wood shells and adjustable mesh heads

    Dynamic Mesh Heads – All mesh drum heads with Alesis’ exclusive multiple contact points and patented multiple-sensor design evenly distributes sensitivity across the entire drum head

    Superior Module Performance – Strike performance module with 4.3 full-color LCD screen and individual outputs; All new sounds, 110 kits and over 1600 multi-sampled instruments

    Everything You Need – 14″ Kick drum, 14″ snare pad, 8″,10″,12″ tom pads; 16″ triple-zone ride cymbal,14” crash cymbal, and 12″moveable hi-hat

    Your Signature Sound, Simplified – Software editor for creating custom kits/instruments, and importing .wav files; on board Sampling capability; 8GB SD card included for storing user kits

  • Alesis Surge Mesh Kit Eight-Piece Electronic Drum Set and 2000-Watt Portable Drum Amplifier

    Alesis Surge Mesh Kit + Strike Amp 8 – Eight-Piece Electronic Drum Set with Mesh Heads and 2000-Watt Portable Drum Amplifier with 8-inch Woofer


  • Alesis Surge Mesh Kit, Eight-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Heads, 40 Kits, 385 Sounds, 60 Play-Along Tracks, USB/MIDI Connectivity


    Natural feel, premium response; 8” mesh kick drum Tower with kick drum pedal (included), 10” dual-zone mesh snare and three 8” dual-zone mesh Tom pads

    Express yourself: (3) 10” cymbals: Ride cymbal, hi-hat, Crash w/choke

    In-demand sound: Surge drum module with 40 kits, 60 play-along tracks and 385 sounds

    Connectivity covered: Inbuilt sequencer to record your own playing, connect your MP3 player to the aux input for jamming to your favorite tracks or record/control MIDI using on-board USB/MIDI inputs/outputs

    Everything you need: 4-post Chrome rack, connection cables, drum sticks, drum key and power supply included

  • Asmuse Electronic Drum Set Kit for Adults Beginners with 8 inch Mesh Snare Electric Drum Set with Rim Shot and Cymbal Choke Function,USB MIDI Supported,2 Pairs of Drum Sticks &Headphone Set Included


    Quick Assembly—Do you know,only 7 steps to assemble the electronic drum set and save your time!

    Easy operation—Simplify monitor of the module,provide 12 drum sound kits and 242 sounds with our Electric drum set

    Real Percussion Hand Feeling—Speical mesh snare drum in 8 inch comes with Rim Shot function

    Full Creativity—AUX input and USB MIDI output help you create your own beats and music!

    Self Practice Mode—-A free headphone set is of benifit for home practicing without disturbing others

  • BELOS Steel Tongue Drum 6 Inch 8 Notes Lotus Handpan Drum Kit Chakra Tank Drum Percussion Instrument with Drum Mallets Carry Bag for Beginner Adult Kids Musical Education Concert Mind Healing Yoga


    【Perfect 8 Notes】 This 6-inch steel tongue drum features standard 8 notes with a wider range of sounds. You can play some unique national music, nursery rhymes and also play chords for accompaniment. The nice tones make it easier for listeners to resonate.

    【EASY TO LEARN & PLAY】Beginners can learn how to play THREE BEARS in 5 minutes by using textbooks and scale stickers. You can play the pan drum with the rubber topped mallets included or simply with your hands, the echo by playing with mallets will be more penetrating and more ethereal.

    【WIDE APPLICATIONS】Great for personal meditation, yoga practice, zazen, music therapists, performances, religious activities, etc. Its ethereal sounds can purify your mind and soul and help relieve stress and enjoy peace and relaxation. It would be a great gift for kids for stimulating children’s interest in music.

    【PREMIUM TITANIUM STEEL MATERIALS】Constructed of titanium steel alloy, coated by protective spraying-paint against tarnishing, scuffs, and scratches. Handcrafted by artisans, it can produce a clean, ethereal, Buddha-like sound and stable enough. Perfect for beginner.

    【Complete Drum Set】This drum set comes with a steel tongue drum, 2 mallets, a drumstick stand, a music score, a scale sticker, 4 finger picks and a padded travel bag. You can put all the accessories in portable bag, taking the set wherever you want.

  • Bongo Drums, 2 Set 6″ and 7″ Drum Set, Tunable Percussion Instruments Synthetic Metal Frame Construction Bongo Drum for Kids Adults Beginners with Travel Bag and Tuning Wrench, Natural Finish


    ✅ Classic Bongo Drum Set – Constructed with real wood with chrome parts. This Bongos are more than just toy drum kits. It’s classic professional bongo drums for you. Tuning keys are also come with drums.

    ✅ 6″ and 7″ Head Size – Classic 6 inch and 7inch drum set. Suitable size for teens and beginners.

    ✅ Natural Finish – The premium workmanship provides the excellent smooth touch. Each side is finely polished, ensuring the best performance feeling for you. Great bongos for beginnersl drum sets.

    ✅ Authentic Skin Heads – With great authentic skin heads, this drum delivers the tenability and strong tone. Tuning is available with a tuning key along with the product. Note: The skins have to be gradually tightened evenly rather than one side at a time. This can stress both the frame and the skin.

    ✅ What You Get – Our bongo drum will come with padded travel bag and a tuning key for accurate tune and sound quality when needed. Travel around and take the bongo with you, having fun with friends in your beats.

  • COOLMUSIC Steel Tongue Drum 13 Notes 12 Inches C Key Percussion Instrument Handpan Drum Tank drum with Bag, Music Book, Mallets, Finger Picks, Tone Sticker for Beginner Adult Kids(Brown)


    Made by hand by a craftsman, it can produce a clean, elegant and special effect

    Equipped with a portable bag, easy to transport, no matter where you go, you can take the drum

    Protective paint, rust-proof, abrasion-proof and scratch-proof, the sound of its origins will purify your mind and soul, allowing you to achieve inner peace

    With a variety of music scores, even beginners can play very happy music according to the score

    Guarantee: 30 days unconditional money back guarantees the quality of our after-sales service, you can rest assured to buy our products

  • Eastar Bongo Drums 6” and 7” Wood Percussion Instrument Bongos for Kids Adults Beginners Natural Finish, EBO-1


    ♪ Made of Superior Solid Wood: The bongo drum has a very crisp and bright sound, good durability and also allows the drums to sing at the same time.

    ♪ Suitable for all Ages: This bongo drum set has no sharp edges, and the inside of the drum is polished into a smooth arc shape, which is safe for children and will not scratch hands. it is suitable for beginners and primary bongo drum lovers.

    ♪ Use Real Animal Skin: Natural timbre, 6” + 7” drum head configuration, which is convenient for players to play the different timbre. This size is also the most portable size, equipped with 8mm thick bag, performers can carry around and perform.

    ♪ Simple Round Rim: Eastar EBO-1 Bongo drum is equipped with simple innovative rim, which can be easily to adjust tone and sound even for beginners.

    ♪ Package Content: Eastar EBO-1 6 “+7” bongo drum x 1, Tuning Wrench x 1, Light Weight Hard Bag x 1

  • Handpan Drum Percussion, YuELinG Hand Steel Drum 9,10,11 Notes in D minor 440hz 432hz (440hz, Golden11notes)


    11 Notes 440hz Design: Hand drum in D Minor 11 notes, including 1 center note and 10 notes (D3/A3/Bb3/C4/D4/E4/F4/G4/A4/C5/D5).

    Manual hammering: The handpan making process requires high precision, and each handpan is finished by experienced tuner after countless times of manual hammering

    Nitrogen Stainless Material& process: Stainless steel material is added in the production engineering, fire heat treatment, the process increases the advantages of timbre and prolongs the tone.

    Professional precision adjustment:Through the precise adjustment of professional tuner, the sound of handpan will be better.

    Surface polishing and burnishing for many times: pursuing the spirit of mind, polishing and burnishing the surface of the handpan for many times, making the hand feel more comfortable.