8 Best Beat Pad in 2022 With Reviews and Buying Guide

The beat pads are instruments that have revolutionized the drumming world differently. In short, you strike that on-board rubberized pads and trigger the pre-recorded audio samples, backing tracks, and synthesized drum sounds. Incredible right?

However, there is more to that. The vast array of their sonic possibilities has undoubtedly made them indispensable on a live circuit. You will find the beat pads nestled on the drummer’s toms and beside the hi-hat on many stages.

This guide brings you the eight best beat pads in 2022 with reviews and buying guide that every drummer and percussionist loves.

1. AKAI MPD218

AKAI Professional MPD218 - USB MIDI Controller with 16 MPC Drum Pads, 6 Assignable Knobs, Note Repeat & Full Level Buttons and Production Software

as of May 28, 2023 11:27 pm

The beat pad should have a superb performance without sacrificing portability, and that is precisely what AKAI beat pad does. This beat pad features an ultra-portable design that allows one to make the beats at any place they go.

This piece of equipment boasts higher quality and well-designed 16 MPC pads, which are thick, hyper-playable, and ultra-sensitive. Besides, its pads are responsive and exceptionally durable since they respond very well to slight touch.

If you are a musician, DJ, or producer, the KAI MPD218 is the best choice. You connect it to the USB port, and you are good to go.


• Durable knobs

• Portable design

• iOS connectivity

• Responsive pads


• Can’t connect to the Windows 7

• Flimsy chassis

2. Maschine Mk3 Drum Controller

Native Instruments Maschine Mk3 Drum Controller

as of May 28, 2023 11:27 pm

Are you looking for vibrant beats, harmonies as well as melodies? Then consider the Maschine Mk3 Drum Controller. The best thing about these beat pads is that they are very easy to power on with just a 15V 1.2A adapter. You may also connect it to the 2.0 USB port and use it effortlessly.

This product comes with other features that enable you to make music at any place you go. With it, you got yourself 16 ultra-sensitive pads for impeccable drumming control. Tweaking the parameter is very easy, thanks to its eight touch-sensitive knobs.

Besides, they enable one to navigate, browse, balance and adjust its drumming effects, which is possible due to the four-directional push encoder.


• It comes with a higher resolution display

• MIDI controllers that are ultra-sensitive

• Compatible with other software


• Some people are not satisfied with its quality

• The customer support isn’t responsive

3. Arturia BeatStep Pro Controller

Arturia Beatstep Pro Controller Sequencer

as of May 28, 2023 11:27 pm

This is among the best beat pads you’ll ever find since it has a simple design that guarantees higher music production performance. Due to this, it surpasses other beat pads on the market. It features three independent step sequencers, two of them being monophonic for making basslines and riffs. Its third sequencer allows controlling 16 drumming sounds.


• High build quality

• Comes in 16 ultra-sensitive MIDI controllers

• Knobs that are ultra-sensitive

• Comes with many software


• Quite costly

• Firmware problems

4. Korg nanoPAD2

Korg nanoPAD2 Slim-Line USB Drum Pad Controller Black

as of May 28, 2023 11:27 pm

It comes with good hardware quality, compact dimensions, sensitive pads, and reliable functions. 

This device features 16 pads rather than 12, making this a good deal. It’s a good deal for the home studio if you’re a novice.


• Reliable functions

• Sensitive pads

• Great dimension


• Some aren’t satisfied with the quality

5. Maschine Mikro Mk3 Drum Controller

Native Instruments Maschine Mikro Mk3 Drum Controller

as of May 28, 2023 11:27 pm

If you are searching for the best beat pads, then Maschine Mikro Mk3 shouldn’t miss out on your list either. Do you know why? It comes with a great design making it ultra-portable. Due to this, you may make music at any time and place you wish. You connect it to the USB port and start using it instantly. Great, right?

It’s compatible with several OSes like Mach OS 10.13, 10.14, and 10.12. Besides, you may use it if the computer has Windows 10 with 4GB RAM. What makes this item stand out is its exceptional performance in producing music with its sound-responsive pads.


• Comes with software

• Has a compact design

• Ultra-responsive pads


• It may not work with some other software and operating systems.

6. Akai Professional MPC One

Akai Professional MPC One – Drum Machine, Sampler & MIDI Controller with Beat Pads, Synth Engines, Standalone Operation and Touch Display

as of May 28, 2023 11:27 pm

This beat pad easily connects to the computer using a USB cable. It’s an excellent instrument that adds music radio, all thanks to the Ableton push lite for DAW. This software allows one to modify any built-in track to bring that superb track for you. If you are a guy for light shows, this might be the beat pad to go for.


• Portable design

• Comes with many software

• DAW compatibility

• Comes with Ableton push two software


• The user manual is complicated

7. Novation Launchpad Mini [MK3]

Novation Launchpad Mini [MK3] — Portable MIDI 64-Pad, USB Grid Controller for Ableton Live and Logic Pro Performances

as of May 28, 2023 11:27 pm

Are you looking for the beat pad that is incredible for hands? Look no further than the Novation Launchpad Pro. You can use it like a keyboard; thus, no need for the keyboard to save space while performing. However, it also comes with several modes like the scale and Note models.

Its 64 pads feature the GRB LED light and give excellent visual feedback while pressing these pads. What is more, the places are susceptible and produce a tremendous volume that has no flaws. These pads are easy to pressure and boost the velocity-sensitive design.


• It’s USB powered

• AN ultra-portable design

• Sensitive to pressure

• 64 sensitive RGB pads


• Does not have a touch strip

8. PreSonus ATOM Production

PreSonus ATOM Production/MIDI and Performance Pad Controller w/Professional Studio Microphone and Recording Kit

as of May 28, 2023 11:27 pm

If you want the beat pad that won’t leave a dent in your pocket, then the PreSonus is that item you are looking for. Firstly, the 16 drum pads are susceptible and have an RGB backlit performance. It works with the FL Studio to make the beats. The best thing is that I feature an Ableton Live Lite for tweaking the moments.

Switching the keyboards mode is very easy with this beat pad. You may easily tap power from the laptop because the MIDI controller has a USB cable for connecting.


• Good design

• Ultra-responsive pads

• Portable

• Easy to use


• Changing notes can be difficult

Buying Guide for Beat Pad

Whenever you are shopping for the beat pads, know that there are factors to keep in mind. Have a look below:

Type of the power supply

Many beat pads feature a USB cable that can power them from the laptop. Such pad beats are suitable for the producers who always want to travel since you won’t always find a socket. So, if you are always on the go, then go for such beat pads.

Number of pad

The beat pads come with 64 places, with the least being 6. And most of them are pressure sensitive and high velocity. So, consider your needs well.


Ensure you choose the beat pads that are easy to carry around.


Beat pads come in handy for many music producers. They come in many designs and are simple to use. So, ensure you check the above beat pads to suit your prerequisites.

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