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  • Meinl Percussion Djembe with Mahogany Wood – NOT Made in CHINA – 10-Inch Medium Size Rope Tuned Natural Head, 2-Year Warranty


    For players of any skill level — you don’t have to be a trained musician to play the Meinl Headliner Series djembe — this drum can be enjoyed for theraputic purposes, playing jam sessions, participating in drum circles or performing with a band

    Carved from one solid piece of plantation grown mahogany — the Meinl Headliner Series djembe is carved from solid mahogany that projects a rich tone with booming low notes and plenty of sustain — this shell stands 20″ tall from base to drum head (medium)

    Hand-selected traditional rawhide head (10″ diameter) — goatskin heads produce classic djembe sounds with a warm, yet cutting tone while being remarkably durable — play toward the center for a boomy bass sound and slap the edges for sharp, popping accents

    Mali weave rope tuning system — 18 nylon rope runners (4 mm thickness) securely fasten the head to the shell for a long-lasting and proper tuning with a classic look — comes ready to play and fully tuned right out of the box so you can play right away

    Hand carved motif (Black River finish) — the hand carved mahogany shell is finished with a horizontal ripple effect that evokes the image of a flowing river — the hand made design means no two djembes are exactly alike, making each drum one-of-a-kind

    Responsibly sourced — our membership with the Timber Legality Assurance System certifies that our wood products are legally logged, transported and processed — this initiative is in an effort to be responsible with the utilization of natural resources

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  • Mendini By Cecilio Kids Drum Set – Junior Kit w/ 4 Drums (Bass, Tom, Snare, Cymbal), Drumsticks, Drum Throne – Beginner…


    Great Kids Drum Sets: These are great starter drums for kids to learn on. Smaller sized genuine hardwood shells and triple flanged hoops make this the perfect first set for a younger player. It includes everything needed to get off to a great start.
    High Quality, Great Sound: The drum kit for kids not only looks shiny, vibrantly colored and glittery, but the kids drums are durably made. They are strong to sustain continuous play while producing a great sound.
    Drum Set Includes: The kid drum set comes with 1 bass drum (8”x13”, 4 lugs, bass drum foot pedal), 1 mounted tom drum (6”x8”, 4 lugs), 1 mounted snare drum (4”x10”, 4 lugs) and 1 cymbal (8” with cymbal arm).

  • Molioon 12 Inches 13 Notes Steel Tongue Drum Percussion Instrument Handpan Drum Ethereal Drum Instrument with Bag Music Book Mallets Mallet Bracket (Green)


    Steel-Titanium Alloy: The drum can produce a clean, ethereal, Buddha-like sound, which can relive stress and bring relaxation to your life.

    Easy to play: C major, the 12-inch tongue drum made of 13-tone steel offers a wide range of sounds and can be played with mallets or fingers.

    Unfettered Tone: The protective coating protects against tarnishing, abrasion and scratches. The 3 rubber feet isolate the drum acoustically for an unimpeded sound.

    Wide Applications: The steel tongue drum is suitable for a variety of fields including music teaching, mind healing, yoga meditation, and so on.

    Package includes: The package includes steel drum, mallet, music book in English, bag, sheet music sticker and mallet Bracket

  • Moukey Steel Tongue Drum 11 Notes 10 Inches Pan Drum Percussion Steel Drum Instrument Tank Drum with Drumsticks, Tone Sticker, Music Book and Padded Travel Bag-D Major


    Handcrafted by artisans, it can produce a clean, ethereal, Buddha-like sound.

    Applicable to a variety of fields, including music education, mind healing, yoga meditation and so on.

    There are a total of 11 tones consisting of pentatonic scales, which have a wider range of sound and can play more music.

    With a large number of musical scores, even beginners can play extremely pleasant music in accordance with the score.

    30 days unconditional money back guarantees the quality of our after-sales service, you can rest assured to buy our products

  • Nitro Mesh Kit – Eight-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Heads(Renewed)


    Premium Response, Natural Feel – Alesis patented Mesh drum heads for a quiet authentic response; perfect for practice and honing drum skills

    Eight-Piece Configuration – 8″ dual-zone snare pad, (3) 8″ tom pads, (3) 10” cymbals: ride cymbal, hi-hat, crash w/choke, 8″ kick drum, Kick Pedal, HiHat Pedal

    Performance Ready – 4-post collapsible aluminum rack; super solid for stability and packs down rapidly for ultra-convenient storage; Requirements – Mac: OS X 10.9 or later, PC: Windows 7 or later

    Nitro Module Included – 60 built-in play along tracks, sequencer, metronome and performance recorder; CD/MP3 aux input to play along with your own songs

    Everything You Need – Connection cables, drum sticks, drum key, and power supply included for immediate creative potential right out the box

  • Nitro Mesh Kit Bundle with Headphones

  • Pyle Portable Drums, Tabletop Drum Set, 7 Pad Digital Drum Kit, Touch Sensitivity, Wireless Electric Drums, Drum Machine, Electric Drum Pads, LED Display, Mac & PC – PTED01


    VERSATILE DIGITAL DRUM KIT: The portable drum set is developed to resemble, sound and play like an actual drum set at a fraction of the size! Play the drums to pre-recorded drum kits and songs or record your own

    CONNECT TO MAC & PC: You can connect the drums table to your computer using the USB cable – it’ll function as a MIDI controller for your favorite computer software to get even more functionality

    PLAY THE DRUMS ANYWHERE: This portable drum kit is powered by the included AC adaptor or you can go wireless and runs on batteries (6 “C” size batteries). Take your drum kit wherever you go

    PLAY FOR ONE, PLAY FOR ALL: Pump up the volume with the digital drum machine and play for a crowd or take advantage of the headphone jack and plug in your headphones for a personal drumming session

    EDIT & RECORD: The drums digital top panel control center comes equipped with an LCD screen and a ton of audio configuration controls that will allow you to create some truly unique and customizable music

  • RealFeel by Evans Folding Bass Pedal Practice Pad

    Bass pedal practice pad with collapsible construction

    Gum rubber surface for a realistic rebound

    Provides the best practice substitute to an acoustic drum

    Impact pad is wide enough to accommodate a double-pedal

    All RealFeel by Evans drum pads are designed, engineered and manufactured to the most stringent quality controls in the industry

  • REGIS Steel tongue drum, 8-note 6-inch drum set, percussion instrument, with travel bag & drumsticks, suitable for children’s music enlightenment/Yoga meditation.Navy


    Design & Craft: The steel drum is hand-made by craftsmen, and the steel tongue drum is made of titanium alloy steel, The drum body is full and round, and the drum surface sound tongue is shaped by lotus petals. It combines modern innovative design, craftsmanship, sound theory, simple shape and easy to carry.

    Principle of drum sound: Tongue drum is a percussion instrument that is driven by the sound of the tongue to resonate the entire cavity. With drumsticks, the tongue is vibrated. After mastering the basic rhythm, you can strike a beautiful rhythm. There is no complicated music theory system, simple and easy to learn.

    Perfect sound quality: The 6-inch steel drum has a standard C key with 8 notes. The sound is crisp and beautiful, allowing novices and professional players to easily play more different types of songs. The tone of the steel tongue drum is soft and melodious, and the tone is very stable. With the ethereal, pure and mellow drum sound, you can feel the relaxation and joy from the heart.

    Application scope: Hang drum can be adapted to many occasions, can be used for concert accompaniment, yoga meditation, music enlightenment education, spiritual rehabilitation, the drum has beautiful sound, mellow, moderate volume, classical and soothing melody can relieve stress and make you tense To calm down slowly

    Steel drum cover accessories: drumsticks, music score, carrying bag, finger cots, and notes.

  • Remo HD-8510-00 Fiberskyn Frame Drum, 10″


    All frame drums are equipped with a Remo drumhead and are manufactured with Remo’s patented Acousticon shell

  • RockJam, Eight-Piece Electronic Drums

    RockJam, Eight-Piece Electronic Drums Adjustable Mesh Head, Rack and Module with 30 Kits, USB and Midi connectivity (DDMESH1000)

    Mesh Heads: This electric drum set has four adjustable mesh head velocity sensitive pads

    Inputs & Outputs: The RockJam electronic drum set has USB & Aux inputs in addition to Midi & Headphone Outputs

    Pedals: This electronic drum kit comes with both a bass & hi-hat pedals

    Drum Module: The RockJam electronic drum kit brain has 30 authentic drum kit voices and multiple demo songs

    Toms: This electronic drum set had three high quality Rubber toms

  • Roland TD-17KV-SV-Compact Series Electronic Drum Kit


    Components Included: 1 TD-17 Sound Module, PDX-12 Snare; 3 PDX-8 Toms; 1 CY-5 Hi-Hat; 1 FD-9 Hi-Hat Control Pedal; 1 CY-8 Crash; 1 CY-8 Ride; 1 KD-10 Kick, 1 MDS-4V Drum Stand

    You can expand your TD-17 by adding an extra crash cymbal or second snare; Kick pedal SOLD SEPARATELY

    The V-Drums TD-17 series features all the essential tools to improve your drumming

    The TD-17 includes a variety of expressive modelled drum sounds inherited from the flagship TD-50

    An array of built-in coaching functions will track your technique, measure your progress and increase your motivation

  • Roland TD-1DMK Dual-Mesh Kit Entry-Level V-Drums Set


    Kit includes Kick, Snare, Hi-hat, Hi-hat control pedal, Tom x 3, Crash, Ride, Drum stand. Other accessories such as kick pedal and personal drum monitor are sold separately.

    Size (Including sound module, kick pad, kick pedal and drum throne): 47-1/4″ W x 43-5/16″ D x 47-1/4″ H | Weight: 17.8 kg

    Dual-ply mesh heads with tension adjustability for a quiet and realistic drumming experience

    Built-in metronome with adjustable tempo and timing settings to help improve timing

    256 notes of polyphony

    15 preset drum kits with authentic, expressive drum sounds for accurate and true-to-life drumming

  • Roland V-Drums TD-1DMK Drum Set Bundle with Drum Throne, Drum Sticks, Fast Track Drum Book, and Austin Bazaar Polishing Cloth


    Double-mesh drum heads for snare and toms, with adjustable tension for a quiet and realistic drumming experience

    15 preset drum kits with authentic, expressive drum sounds for accurate and true-to-life drumming

    Built-in metronome with adjustable tempo and timing settings to help improve timing

    10 onboard coaching functions for tracking your progress and motivation to play

    Record function lets you listen back to what you just played, for evaluation purposes

  • Satnam Happy Drums Steel Tongue Drum 8 Notes 8-Inch Handpan Percussion Instrument with Carrying Case Bag – Paisley Black


    Satnam Steel Tongue Drum or We called The Happy Drums

    Crafted from a unique set of alloys, the tongue drum is endowed with beautiful sonic properties

    .Great gift for teens, Easy to forget about your troubles while playing this tongue drums.

    Playing tongue drums can change the composition of human blood, the body and mind feel relaxed and happy, which increase the body’s immune function.

    Learning a musical instrument boosts language and reading skills in children too.Music is a language, and the more “words” | Everyone can learn to play the Steel Tongue Drum, and once you have, there’s a lifetime of mastery to perfect for more advanced musicians | BRAND NAME – SATNAM | Size – 6″ and 8 ” | TYPE – Steel Tongue Drum MANDALA

  • Souidmy Mesh Drum Kit,8 pcs Electronic Drum Set with Dual-Trigger Pad/Cymbals and Beat Indicator Light,Drum Cover,Audio Line and Sticks,20 Drum Kits,450 Sounds,42 Drum songs,Support USB/MIDI


    [EXPRESSIVE DRUM PAD]The upgraded mesh drum head not only obtains better percussion feedback and reduce physical noise but also restores real and high-quality drum sounds. The better experience will get in the process of playing.

    [EXCELLENT PLAYING PERFORMANCE]The dual-trigger technology reproduces the sounding method of the acoustic drum hitting and faithfully restores the changes in the drum sound, including cymbal stop and side strike sound. The upgraded snare drum even has dynamics induction, which can stimulate the rich potential of drummers whether it is a live performance or percussion practice.

    [EXTENSIVE TRAINING FUNCTIONS]This mesh kit has an advanced metronome with light guidance and record function. With 450 sounds, 20 drum kits, and 43 training songs, you can learn and familiarize yourself with various music styles. Both beginners and professionals will find TDX25’s training function very helpful for daily practice.

    [RELIABLE SOUIDMY HARDWARE]Strengthening the four-post frame while simplifies the installation of electronic drums. Each age group can adjust the position and angle of the cymbals, snare drums, and tom drums as needed, and play in the correct posture. The foldable design, drumstick storage, and drum-cover greatly increasing convenience.

    [EVERYTHING NEEDED]Souidmy Mesh drum kit includes all the accessories you need, from a 4-post frame to the included bass drum pedal and pedal-controller. This electronic drum kit package even comes with a drum cover, audio line, installation drum key, and a pair of drum sticks.